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Campus Ministries

Religious & Spiritual Life functions to provide an open and collaborative environment in which members of the campus community can nourish their spirits as well as pursue religious inquiry and practice.

Any religious organization or group that wishes to function on campus must be recognized by the Student Government Association. As with all student organizations, it is a requisite that any such group have a faculty/staff advisor who will not only represent the group but be responsible for the activities of the group. Additionally, religious organizations or groups may wish to have a religious/spiritual leader associated with their organization. All religious/spiritual leaders will serve the campus on a voluntary basis and should register with the Associate Dean of Students. Recognized organizations, after consultation with the Associate Dean of Students, may schedule the regular use of the Spiritual Center.

Our campus Religious/Spiritual Leaders make time to see students, faculty and staff by appointment in the Spiritual Center. They can also be located and contacted to setup a time and location at their organizational web pages.